Whether you have a spouse, kids, friends, something serious, or a fling (or maybe you’re in a relationship with yourself at the moment) it’s so fun to get out in the summer and be active! Don’t waste away the summer sun by watching movies or playing on your phone all day, summer is the best time to make memories with loved ones and plan fun dates!


Here are 8 Date Ideas that are fun this summer:


1. Pick fruit. Picking fruit is not only a good way to get out but it’s also healthy and delicious! Search pickyourown.org and search your local area to find farms that will let you come and pick fruit! If there’s not a farm nearby, ask friends or family if you can pick fruit from their tree.

2. Plan a picnic. Picnics are so fun and can be really romantic if they’re planned right! Pick out some of your favorite cheese and fruit for a yummy cheese platter or do something simple like sandwiches for an easy picnic! Bring a blanket and set up your picnic somewhere in the shade or with an amazing view! Don’t forget to also bring a treat!


3. Go to a water park. If you don’t have a water park near you, create one at home! A hose on a trampoline is soo fun and can make you feel like a kid again or creating a slip and slide with a long piece of plastic and a hose can also be so much fun. Everything’s better with a treat so keep some popsicles handy for when you’re done in the sun!

4. Make home made ice cream. YUMMMMM.  One of the best summertime traditions is homemade ice-cream. If you don’t have a full machine to make the ice cream you can find recipes on Pinterest where you can make ice cream with half and half in a bag. It’s a fun activity and it still tastes amazing!

5. Go to a baseball game. Whether you can go to a Pro, semi-pro or even a t-ball game watching America’s favorite pastime can be a really fun activity on a summer night.

6. Go ice blocking. Have you ever heard of ice blocking before? You get a big block of ice that you can get at most grocery stores, go to a hill, sit down on the ice (usually we put a towel on top so our bum doesn’t get too cold!) and slide down! It’s such a simple activity but it can be a really fun, exhilarating too, depending how steep your hill is!

7. Go to a farmers market. Farmers markets can make for an awesome night out! Bring some cash so you can get a treat and some fresh fruits and veggies for the week! Also look for farmers markets that have live-bands because then you can finish the night with a little dancing too!

8. Go to a drive in movie. Drive in movies are such a fun date. You can see something new and you get to bring all the snacks you want (can you tell we love treats over here!) Sometimes cities will also play old movies in the park! Check your local events to see if you can see a free movie in a park as well!